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Natural Energy

Low on Energy? Ways to Naturally Give You a Boost

August is a unique month. It’s the end of summer and days are spent squeezing in that last vacation before the school year begins, traveling, enjoying the final days of warmer weather, and preparing for back to school. It is a busy time, and getting back in the swing of things can quickly deplete ...Continue Reading
How to Get More Calcium in Your Diet with Milk

How to Get More Calcium In Your Diet (No Milk Necessary)

Calcium is an incredibly important nutrient for human health. In fact, your body has more calcium stores than any other mineral, as it makes up a significant part of your teeth and bones, not to mention plays a key role in critical bodily functions like cardiovascular health and muscle function. ...Continue Reading
Benefits of Vitamin E

The Benefits of Vitamin E (Plus, how to get more in your diet)

There are quite a few benefits of Vitamin E, which is one reason why deficiency can be common. Not only is vitamin E an important, fat-soluble vitamin (more on what this means, in a moment), but it is also a powerful antioxidant that contains many health benefits.This vitamin plays a critical ...Continue Reading
Benefits of Manuka Honey

Beauty Benefits of Manuka Honey

We all know honey is a delicious natural sweetener to drizzle over oatmeal or sweeten tea. But, did you know coveted manuka honey from New Zealand may improve your complexion too? Skin care professionals know the benefits of manuka honey and you should too. What is Manuka Honey? The magical ...Continue Reading