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Healthy back to school tips, including what items should be in your kid's backpack from back to school vitamins to healthy snacks.

8 Healthy Back to School Tips

How to Make a Healthy Back-to-School TransitionBack-to-school is a hectic time for most people. School supplies are scattered everywhere and kids are hard to wrangle as the number of summer days dwindle. Shopping for and preparing supplies, clothes and lunches can be a full-time job! The good ...Continue Reading
Biotin VS Gelatin

Biotin VS Gelatin for Healthy Skin, Nails, & Hair

Both gelatin and biotin have gained a lot of attention lately for their role in skin, hair and nail care, and for good reason. They both have their own unique and beneficial properties, and can actually work together quite nicely. In this article, you’ll learn more about each one, and their ...Continue Reading
Benefits of Vitamin D

The Benefits of Vitamin D (Plus, how to get more in your diet)

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is one of the vitamins that has received the most attention, especially when it comes to supplementation. All the hype is certainly for good reason, as the health benefits of vitamin D play are indisputable, and deficiency is quite common. Health ...Continue Reading
Spotify Playlists for 5K Race

5 Spotify Playlists Perfect for your Next 5K

The perfect song inspires us.The perfect playlist helps us push through our workouts, whether they are enjoyable 5ks, century rides, or swimming sessions. When you can focus on groovy music, working out isn't so much of a chore; it can actually be fun!So whether you're running a 5k this ...Continue Reading