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12 Gift Ideas to Encourage Healthy Living

The holidays are upon us, and you are probably gearing up for holiday shopping. This year, consider giving the people you love a gift that will make their upcoming year healthier and happier. Gifts that encourage healthy living are practical and show that you’ve put thought into your purchase, not to mention you can get some great, online deals on Cyber Monday. 

Check out these 12 gift ideas to encourage healthy living:

Almond Butter

Anybody who’s a fan of healthy eating is probably also a fan of almond butter. Almond butter is packed full of heart healthy, omega 3 fats, and is a far less inflammatory option than peanut butter. Almond butter can be spendy, so many people won’t treat themselves to this delicious and nutritious snack food, but they will definitely love it as a healthy holiday gift! For a more robust gift, pair this with a shaker bottle or recipe book. 

Gym Membership

If you know a friend or family member has been wanting to join a gym but just hasn’t made the leap, or if there is a particular gym you think could really meet their needs, why not gift them a month, few months, or year membership? Nothing like a free gym membership to jump start those New Years resolutions, and this is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

Food Scale

For anyone interested in weight loss, weight management, or simply a curious foodie with a passion for knowing exactly what is going into their body (and their cooking), a food scale can be a unique and fun gift idea that your loved one might not go out and buy for themselves, but will surely put to good use.

At-Home Spa Treatment

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Try out Vitamin World’s ultimate, at-home spa experience that includes essential oil infused lotions, hand and foot creams, bath soaks, lip butter and pillow mists all aimed at restoration and relaxation. Pair these products with new slippers, a heated blanket, or bottle of wine and you’ve given the ultimate night in. 


Have a runner, walker or gym-going loved one? Or maybe someone that could benefit from being lulled to sleep by a guided meditation at night? Why not give them the gift of high-quality, wireless headphones this year? A good pair of headphones can definitely take workouts to the next level, and might just be the push someone needs to take it up a notch, or the motivation to dust off those running shoes.

Professional Massage

Man or woman, a professional massage is the ultimate holiday gift, and usually an indulgence that we don’t buy for ourselves. You can find great deals sometimes on sites like Groupon or Living Social to make this gift more affordable.

Massage Oils

Instead of a professional massage, give the gift of a rejuvenating massage oil for those who have a partner or friend to trade massages with. Check out our variety of options depending on the needs of each individual, such as vitamin E oil for not only skin but bone health, or our seven wonders oil that contains 14 health-promoting, herbal extracts. Better yet, add in a coupon for a massage from you!

Spotify Subscription

We’ve all experienced a music rut, so what better way to jump-start someone’s year (and fitness program) by giving them the gift of new music? Spotify is a great way to discover new artists and songs that can give the boost we need to workout far beyond the month of January.

Activity Tracker

Whether you choose to gift a Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone or other activity tracker, this gift is an excellent way for your loved one to hold themselves accountable to their health and fitness goals for years to come, not to mention develop new routines to truly learn how to stay active and eat right.

Lavender-Infused Candles

Lavender has been long used for its powerful relaxation properties, and this set of two candles is the perfect gift for anyone needing a little bit of R&R. This therapeutic candle set is made with food-grade paraffin wax and lavender essential oils, and can work wonders in relieving tension and creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Gift Certificate to a Sporting Good Store

For your athlete friends, they are sure to love a gift certificate to their favorite sporting good store. Any sports-lover or health nut has lived and relived the experience of spending way too much money in stores like these, so why not help to fund their next pair of tennis shoes or yoga pants? This way, they can buy exactly what they want, when they want it.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Not only are plastic water bottles bad for the environment, but they may not be great for your health. Choosing a high quality, stainless steel water bottle can be used all day every day, whether you are sitting at your desk at work or on the treadmill at the gym.

There you have it, 12 holiday gift ideas to promote healthy living. Your friends and family will appreciate the gift of wellness this year, and might just head into 2017 being a bit more prepared to make healthy choices.

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