• 5 Minute Warmup - Exercises to make your workout more effective.

5 Minute Warm Up to Get the Most out of Your Workout

How you prepare for a workout is just as important as the workout itself. Warming up even in its simplest form prepares the muscles for work. 

Warming up sends blood and oxygen to the heart and muscles and increases the work that the lungs do so your body is able to adapt to the more challenging work ahead. Traditional forms of warming up consist of simple movements like walking, using cardio equipment, and static stretches. When you warm up, your body can quickly send out the right hormones to burn fat and build muscle.

Dynamic stretching and movement have been a common way to warm up for years, but dynamic warmups take this crucial step up a notch by combining movement with a stretch that challenges your balance, range of motion and coordination.

Studies show that people who do a dynamic warmup can help athletes lift heavier weight, safer while improving overall performance.

This activates specific muscles as well as the brain to help you get the most out of your workout. Studies show that people who do a dynamic warmup can help athletes lift heavier weight, safer while improving overall performance. If you want a safer, more effective workout, take a look at the following 5 minute warm up and add it into your fitness routine! It requires no equipment and only about 10 yards of space. It’s the perfect start– from the professional athlete to the stay at home parent.

Zombie Walk

Walk in a forward motion and with each step, swing your leg up, and reach your left arm for your left foot then switch sides with the next step. Be sure to flex your foot to stretch the calf and focus your stretch on the shoulders and hamstrings.

Glute Kicks/ Butt Kickers

Pick up the pace a bit! In a forward ‘jogging’ movement and pull your heels towards your glutes to stretch the quadricep and activate the hamstrings.

Lunge with a Knee Pull

Do a forward or back lunge with the left leg (taking time to stretch the thighs) and reach the arms up overhead to stretch the abdominal muscles (not demoed in the above video). Push through the left foot and step up drawing the right knee into the chest to stretch the inner thigh and low back.

High Knees

Move quickly in a forward motion pulling your knees high up into your chest with each step as if you were hopping with a single leg through tires.

Hip Lunge with a Twist

Take a big step into a forward lunge with your left leg and rest your hands on the ground on either side of your foot. Let your knee fall outward to stretch the hip towards the outside of your left elbow. (You can rest your back knee on the ground if you need to.) Engage your core and step feet together, complete on the right side and alternate for at least 10 on each side.

This 5 minute warm up can be used before running, swimming, weight lifting or HIIT exercises. To get even more out of your workout, browse Vitamin World’s pre-workout supplements.

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