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5 ways to Stay Healthy Year-Round

It’s that time of year when stress is high and we’ve had enough of the cold, and not enough fresh produce and sunshine to thrive at our best. When germs start to spread the main thing between you and a few sick days just might be a healthy immune system. There are several things day-to-day and in our environment that can break down our ability to fight off germs, but there are plenty more ways to strengthen your immune system! Check out these 5 easy ways to stay healthy year-round:


Sometimes we just don’t get everything we need from whole food. Supplementing your diet with the most effective earth-sourced minerals, vitamins and superfoods can make a big difference in helping support a healthy immune system. Here are a few favorite additions when you feel a bug coming on:

  • Oregano Oil is the essential oil extracted from the oregano plant. It is a natural fighter when it comes to immunity and is beneficial for the natural metabolism of nutrients and can protect against harmful organisms that can cause illness.
  • Echinacea is an herbal immune booster that stimulates the body’s natural ability to fight infection. It comes packaged in capsules, chewable tablets and herbal teas for steeping.
  • Vitamin C is a favorite immune booster as it is found in several dietary foods like Kale, Strawberries and Oranges but is just as effective when taken orally.
  • Vitamin D can be taken orally when the winter days run short and so do our hours in the sun! Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that can make all the difference in how your body processes nutrients and maintains a strong immune system.

Avoid refined sugar and alcohol

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Holistic physician Dr. Wendy Wells of Wellsource Naturopathic in Scottsdale, Arizona recommends keeping your sugar intake to a minimum because just one teaspoon of refined sugar has been shown to lower your immune system for up to 6 hours. Additionally, instead of drinking alcohol, try water or tea. While your body is metabolizing consumed alcohol, it robs the bodies ability to process other toxins and germs.

Maintain a healthy alkaline diet

By increasing the types of healthy alkaline rich foods we consume, it is possible to decrease acidity and the opportunity for disease and decay within the body. Try adding cruciferous vegetables to each meal and avoid dairy and too many animal based proteins. Also, avoid over eating which adds additional stress on your digestive system.

Exercise and sweat

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Beginning new or continuing your current exercise program is very important to aid the body’s natural ability to detoxify. Moving at least 20-30 minutes each day and allowing the body to perspire will help keep your body healthy and stress level in check.

Wash your hands frequently

We as humans touch, that is what we do! Because it is a main sense we utilize, it’s important to remember that while germs are aplenty, we must wash hands more frequently to avoid spreading germs around your body or to others. With clean hands, it is easier to keep the virus out of our mouth, nose and eyes, and therefore, out of our bodies.

Manage your stress level

Stress is a big factor in breaking down your immune system. Do what you need to to get plenty of rest and avoid interactions with people and situations that have the potential to increase your stress level. Practicing meditation and yoga is a great way to release stored energy and refocus your mind.

It’s important to always consult a physician and dietitian before starting any new workout plan or diet.

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