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How To Do Cardio Without Running – 5 Ways to Improve

We’re outlining seven ways to get the heart rate elevated without having to put the running kicks on.

Not everyone loves running. I personally know a few great runners that even hate putting in the miles sometimes. Running also can wear the body down quicker than some activities, so even for the run-positive folks out there, it’s always good to give yourself a day (or two) off.

So whether you are anti-running or want to mix up your cross-training, we’ve got seven ways to rev up your aerobic engine that can replace the run routine.



Triathletes and multi-sport athletes everywhere know the secret advantage that cycling has in building a fit, toned physique. Although it’s not a full body-weight intensive activity, cycling helps build lower body and core muscle while taking the stress off of joints. A moderate hour of cycling at 14-16mph burns the same amount of calories as running ten-minute miles for the same amount of time.

A moderate hour of cycling at 14-16mph burns the same amount of calories as running ten-minute miles for the same amount of time.



Ditch the hot asphalt during the summer for an aquatic workout at your local gym or outdoor pool. Along with the simple fact that swimming engages every muscle group within the body, the almost non-existent amount of joint stress that swimming offers is incomparable. Check out this resource for a swim workout for any level. 


Alright, maybe you still want to get out on your own two feet. Hiking is a great way to get your cardio in without running. Trail hiking can be athletic and intensive when trying to maneuver on dirt, climbing and/or descending trails at a somewhat brisk pace. Almost all areas can offer some sort of hiking, so check online for local trails or hiking groups.



One of the hottest trends throughout the nation right now is group kickboxing. Kickboxing gyms, as well as most local gyms, offer high-intensity classes that help you get the pulse pumping. The rapid movements, pumping music, and motivating instructors make kickboxing an easy way to burn up to 500 calories in just half an hour.


Dancers are some of the fittest athletes on the planet. Just do a quick google search of professional ballet or hip hop dancers and you’ll find some of the most athletic performers in the world. Many local gyms and dance studios offer public classes that range from simple dance instruction to mixed classes such as dance/yoga/pilates. Try channeling that inner performer for your next session.


Never heard of it? Neither had we until this innovative, high-calorie-burning activity came across the desk of our fitness team. Piloxing is a mix of Pilates and boxing (hence the name). Guys in the audience think this is just a girl’s class? Check out this video for an example workout. Sign up for one class, I dare ya! 

Join the local kickball league

Whether kickball, softball, flag football, or any other sport, community sports leagues are some of the best ways to stay fit during the year. Plus this adds another way to get friends together and workout, without thinking you’re working out.

Try one of these great options the next time you’re dreading putting on the running shoes. There are many ways to stay fit and burn those calories, so find the activities that interest you the most!

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It’s important to always consult a physician and dietitian before starting any new workout plan or diet.

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