8 Overnight Oat Recipes to Change Things Up

Overnight oats have been popular for about a year now, and for good reason. They’re quick to grab in the morning, inexpensive to make, and fun to flavor; all you need is some basic ingredients and a little inspiration.

We decided to take a crack at creating a few overnight oat recipes of our own. With so many fitness goals out there, (bulking, losing, maintaining) we didn’t want to focus on one type of overnight oat recipe. Instead, we created some high-protein, some low-sugar, and some that just taste great. Here are our favorite recipes for you to try this weekend.

The Oats

We used Bob’s Red Mill quick cooking rolled oats. We like this brand because they use only one ingredient: organic whole grain oats. They’re also gluten free and have 6g of fiber per serving. One 1/2 cup serving has 210 calories.

The Milk

We figured everyone has a preference for milk. For this reason, we excluded milk recommendations in most of our recipes.

Now, let’s get to it!

Honey, Powdered PB & Brown Sugar

Overnight Oats: Honey, PB2 & Brown Sugar

This simple, class recipe was one of our favorites. We used two tablespoons of powdered peanut butter, one tablespoon of brown sugar and a drizzle of honey. While you could use regular peanut butter, we love powdered peanut butter’s reduced fat and calories.

Insider tip: To prevent your brown sugar from clumping, throw a few marshmallows in your bag or container. 

Carrot Applesauce, Apple & Almonds

Overnight Oats: Applesauce, Apple & Almonds

While shopping for regular applesauce, we discovered a brand that included pureed carrots. Since we love sneaking in extra veggies, we decided to go with it. Here’s a recipe for making your own. If you prefer regular applesauce, simply substitute this.

Overnight Oats: Applesauce, Apples & Almonds

We used half of a gala apple and whole roasted almonds. For a wintery recipe, add cinnamon or nutmeg.

Espresso Bits

Overnight Oats: Chocolate Almond Milk & Espresso Bark

If you want to ixnay your daily coffee but still want a boost, try this recipe. Break off 1/4 of an espresso bits bar and smash into tiny pieces. Add milk (we recommend chocolate) and you’ve got breakfast and coffee in one!

Banana, Chocolate Protein Powder & Chia Seeds

Overnight Oats: Banana, Chocolate Protein Powder & Chia Seeds

For a protein boost, add one scoop of your favorite protein powder into your overnight oats. We like bananas for sweetness and chia seeds for texture.

Overnight Oats: Banana, Chocolate Protein Powder & Chia Seeds

This recipe should keep you full well into lunch time. Pick up some protein powder here.

Raspberries & Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Overnight Oats: Raspberries & Yogurt Covered Pretzels

This combination is sweet and salty– just how we like it.

Overnight Oats: Raspberries & Yogurt Covered Pretzels

We added 1/4 of a bin of raspberries and a small handful of yogurt covered pretzels. Keep your pretzels on top to prevent them from getting soggy overnight.

Buff Bake Loaded

Buff Bake Birthday Cake

Have you tried this stuff? It’s crazy good. And perfect for those who don’t want to measure or chop extra ingredients. The birthday cake flavor is my personal favorite and very sweet. All you need is two tablespoons mixed into your oats.

Buff Bake White Chocolate Peanut Butter

Thier most popular flavor is this white chocolate peanut butter spread. With an extra 11g of protein per serving, this oat recipe totals 18g of protein. Get Buff Bake here.

Greek Yogurt, Apricot Preserves & Pistachios

Overnight Oats: Yogurt Apricot & Pistachios

Adding yogurt and/or preserves into your overnight oat recipe gives it an extra creaminess. We chose apricot preserves because we think they’re underrated. Paired with pistachios, this is a creamy, fruit, crunchy blend that we love. (Remove pistachios from shell before adding to oats.)

Carrots & Sriracha Nut Mix

Overnight Oats: Carrots & Sriracha Nut Mix

We were on a mission to create a savory recipe for those avoiding sugar. My oatmeal partner in crime looked at me like I was nuts (no pun intended) but I liked this one! I steamed frozen multi-colored carrots and added a handful of spicy nut mix from my local grocery store.

Overnight Oats: Carrots & Sriracha Nut Mix

I recommend adding the nut mix at the very end so it doesn’t get soggy. The spicy crunch is different from your average oat recipes.

These are our favorite overnight oat recipes to help you change things up in December and into 2017. Experiment, modify, and enjoy!

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