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8 Tips to Get Back-to-School the Right Way

Back-to-school is a hectic time for most people. School supplies are scattered everywhere and kids are hard to wrangle as the number of summer days dwindle. Shopping for and preparing supplies, clothes and lunches can be a full-time job! The good news is we have some tips to ease your family’s transition into the new school year.

1.  Update medical records and vaccines

Many schools require annual physicals to be completed by your child’s primary care physician. Even if this is not a requirement of your school, it’s still a good idea to update medical records annually. This is also a great time to check that your child is up-to-date on their required vaccinations and boosters.

2.  Get back to a normal sleep schedule

The summer is lots of fun but we don’t tend to stick to a daily schedule while running around enjoying the sun. However, one of the most important aspects for a child’s optimal learning is to be well-rested each day. About two weeks before the start of school, start transitioning school-age children back to a normal sleep schedule, with 9 to 11 hours of sleep per night.

3.  Organize first-day outfits

Putting together outfits the night before can save you and your child tons of time, arguments and chaos. Help your child decide and prepare their outfit for the first day and create a schedule for picking out their next-day outfits each night to stay on track.

4.  Prepare a study/homework station

Creating a distraction-free area of the home for your child to complete homework will help them to focus and start the year on the right foot.

5.  Use apps to save on back-to-school supplies

Buying new supplies and clothes every year is expensive. A great money-saving hack is to use discount-shopping apps. Two of these are RetailMeNot and Ibotta, which offer discounts and money back on purchases, respectively.

6.  Meet the teacher

Introduce yourself and your child to their new teacher(s) and determine their preferred method of communication. This will ensure that the school year goes smoothly and any questions throughout the year are handled in an organized fashion.

7.  Make sure your child knows their bus number and/or course schedule

Many children experience anxiety about knowing what to expect the first day. You can help them with this stress by making sure they know their course schedule and where their classrooms are located. Whether they need to know a bus pick-up location or walking route, knowing where to go and when will help ease some of their discomfort and prevent distractions during the excitement of the first day!

8.  Prepare healthy meal and and snack options

Hungry children have trouble focusing. Preparing quick and healthy weekday breakfast items such as oatmeal with fruit, will start your child’s day off right.  When kids come home from school, having a variety of snacks on hand, like veggies and hummus or fruit that your child can grab themselves, will give them some decision-making control and a boost before they do homework.

Bonus Tip: Get excited!

While it’s normal for kids to feel some anxiety about the unknown, going back to school should be an exciting time.  They’ll get to see friends they didn’t see over the summer, learn about new subjects – not to mention everyone knows recess is awesome! If your child is having worries though, talk through them with your son or daughter to help put them at ease and try to build their excitement.

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