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Best Free Online Workouts to Jump Start the New Year

The last few weeks I’ve noticed my energy level dip and my jeans get snug. (I blame it on irresistible egg nog and enticing evenings lounging by the fireplace.) As the holidays wind down, I plan to ramp up my workouts and get back on track with healthier daily choices.

There’s nothing better than free online workouts to see if I like a new routine or activity. Check out this list of sweat sessions to burn off those extra holiday calories and dive into 2017 with as positive, healthy mindset.

When I Say Jump

I love to mix up my workouts, and do something unexpected. That might be why I love circuit training. My instructor is always adding in new moves, and I know I can do anything for one minute.

The When I say Jump HIIT Workout – Fun Fitness Blender HIIT Cardio and Toning Routine is also a one-minute interval training session, with 23 different exercises sandwiched between a warm up and a cool down.

Just when you’re ready to sigh from exhaustion, the instructor calls out “Jump” or “Down” and you respectively jump in the air or hit the deck to add an unexpected twist to your workout. This sure keeps you on your toes (or the floor!). No special equipment is needed to get started.

100 Burpee Challenge

If you’re already ramping up your routine and need a push to do more, this is it. Queue up the cardio-meets-muscle toning Fitness Blender 100 Burpees Workout Challenge for a total body workout in roughly 11 minutes.

You’ll be tackling 10 reps each of 10 different types of burpees. Thankfully there is a 25 second rest between each set. The key is pushing through at your own pace and loving that calorie burn! Be sure to add your own warm-up and cool down to this workout.

8 Minute Morning Workout

Tight on time? Then there are no excuses with this quick, high-intensity session you can do in your living room. You’re going to power through a series of four exercises twice for a total of eight minutes before hitting the shower and getting ready for the day.

The instructor challenges you to some fast-pace high knee marches with feet taps, cut throat push-ups, jump squats with dragon lunges and the plank pendulum. Get ready to sweat!

Yoga Sculpt

This routine is a mixture of yoga, cardio, and muscle sculpting moves packed into 30 minutes. Pull up a mat, some hand weights and enjoy the adorable dog that accompanies instructor Jessica in this home workout video!

The 30 Minute Yoga Sculpt Full Length Fat Burning Home Exercise Video for Total Body Toning features slow, controlled movements to work on balance and strength training. Yes, there are a ton of lunges and squats!

Upper Body Dumbbells Workout

Did you get some new free weights for the holidays? Or, are you feeling guilty about the dust collecting on the ones you already have (you’re not alone) at home?

The Ultimate Full-Body Dumbbell Workout with Andy Speers focuses on power, strength and conditioning through four distinct series. You’ll be challenged to clean lifts, push presses, front squats, crush presses, dumbbell snatches and more!

Need more healthy inspiration? Grab a protein shake and check out the Vitamin World 12-week Reboot Challenge that includes workout routines and meal plans. Download the free PDF HERE to get started! Have free online workouts that you love? Share them with us in the comments. 

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