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Natural Energy

Low on Energy? Ways to Naturally Give You a Boost

August is a unique month. It’s the end of summer and days are spent squeezing in that last vacation before the school year begins, traveling, enjoying the final days of warmer weather, and preparing for back to school. It is a busy time, and getting back in the swing of things can quickly deplete ...Continue Reading
Ways to Use Matcha tea

10 Ways to Use Matcha Tea

You may not think there are that many ways to use Matcha tea (other than in regular old water), but there are! But first, why is Matcha ?Matcha tea is a Japanese tea that uses the entire Matcha leaf. Rather than soaking leaves in hot water, you add Matcha's powdered leaves which enables you to ...Continue Reading
How to complete a sugar detox

How To Successfully Complete a Sugar Detox

Not all detox programs are created equal, and many can be downright daunting. The good news is, undergoing a simple but effective sugar detox doesn’t have to be all that complicated, and is definitely doable.First and foremost, it is important to have a solid understanding of the many ...Continue Reading
Dinners Under 10 Minutes

5 Weeknight Meals in 10 Minutes or Less

Weeknights need to be healthy, focused, and easy. Try these five weeknight recipes suitable for your #RebootChallenge diet. All the recipes below are either prepped or on the table in 10 minutes or less. Monday: Egg & Veggie Frittata in a Mug w/ Avocado Breakfast for dinner is a timeless ...Continue Reading