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chocolate chips late night snack

Snacking Before Bed isn’t a Deal Breaker, if you Know What to Grab

We’ve all done it; it's bedtime, you know you should just lie down and wait for breakfast to come…but you can’t. The late snack cravings are hitting too hard and you need something to put your mind (and stomach) at ease, without ruining your entire day. It’s common to worry about food ...Continue Reading

PB&J Acai Smoothie Bowl

There are no rules that dictate all things blended must be sipped from a cup! Take a step on the wild side and grab a spoon instead because this PB&J Acai protein bowl is about to take your tastebuds by storm. Acai is an antioxidant rich fruit originally harvested from the Amazon rain forest ...Continue Reading
salmon and asparagus

Sabrina’s Gluten-Free 5-Day Meal Plan

The introduction of gluten into man’s diet is relatively new. Growing and processing wheat to make bread, pasta, and crackers enabled society to store food for longer than perishable products could. However, though these food products have fed us for hundreds of years, our bodies are not ...Continue Reading