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Vitamin A

Vitamin A and its Benefits (Plus, how to get more in your diet)

Though considered a key building block for healthy eyes, a strong immune system and cellular growth, Vitamin A is not one of the most talked about vitamins, leaving many to try to search out information on their own. A biologically-active compound, Vitamin A is found in both plant and animal ...Continue Reading
Health Benefits of Vitamin K

The Benefits of Vitamin K (Plus, how to get more in your diet)

Vitamin K is a nutrient that has gotten less mainstream attention than some in the nutrition and supplement world (like vitamin D or omega 3’s, for example), but it is just as important.Since many people don't know the health benefits of vitamin K, it is much more common for deficiencies to ...Continue Reading
Benefits of Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil Capsules: Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Oregano oil has proven to be a versatile herb. Translated by the Greeks as "joy of the mountain" this herb is a symbol of happiness.While you might frequently use this herb in cooking, have you ever thought to consume it in a more concentrated dose? You might consider after learning about the ...Continue Reading
Beginners Guide to Essential Vitamins

Beginner’s Guide to Essential Vitamins & Minerals

While the majority of your nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, etc) should come from a whole foods diet, most of us can benefit from also including a few basic supplements in our daily routine. Unfortunately, the world of supplements can be pretty daunting, as there is a ...Continue Reading