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Relaxation Mindfulness Tips

Overstressed? Need Ways to Relax? Mindfulness Tips

Mindfulness, or mindful meditation, is the practice of inducing a state of calm and focus by paying attention to and/or controlling breathing.  A growing trend in the fitness industry, meditation is gaining support as more and more studies demonstrate the many benefits of the practice, such as ...Continue Reading
Benefits of Vitamin E

The Benefits of Vitamin E (Plus, how to get more in your diet)

There are quite a few benefits of Vitamin E, which is one reason why deficiency can be common. Not only is vitamin E an important, fat-soluble vitamin (more on what this means, in a moment), but it is also a powerful antioxidant that contains many health benefits.This vitamin plays a critical ...Continue Reading
Health Benefits of Cacao

The Health Benefits of Cacao

You may have heard of cacao, but did you know that cacao and cocoa are quite different? Let's dive into the differences, learn about the health benefits of cacao, and find ways to sneak this supplement into your diet. What is Cacao? Simply put, cacao is the purest form of chocolate, and it’s ...Continue Reading
What Does Homeopathic Mean

What Does Homeopathic Mean?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is incredibly thorough and complex and for some people, can be effective. Like all medical approaches, it is a fit for some and not for others. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation surrounds homeopathic medicine and its practitioners. As we’ve seen with ...Continue Reading