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Nut Nutrition comparison

Battle of The Nuts! Nut Nutrition Comparison [Infographic]

Nuts are one of the healthiest morsels we can eat. And while all have different health advantages, each person is looking for different health value from their afternoon snack. So we decided to look into each nut's serving size, calories, fat, protein, and fiber to see which one might be best for ...Continue Reading
Scales for Weight Loss

Let’s Talk About Scales for Weight Loss [+Poll]

For most people, losing weight is hard. There are seemingly endless approaches on how lose it, and we feel bad when we can’t stick to those approaches.Along those same lines, there is debate as to how helpful scales are. Should you be weighing yourself every day? Every week? How important is ...Continue Reading
Protein Farts, why?

Protein Farts: Why?! (and how to avoid the worst)

Have you had the all-too-familiar experience of drinking your morning protein shake and ending up with morning gas? Nobody likes to fart their way through the day after a (supposedly) healthy start, so let’s dig into why certain protein powders can give you gas, and how to avoid it. First, a ...Continue Reading
fish oil

Why Take Fish Oil?

We'd like to highlight a specific type of vitamin today: fish oil.  Some of you may take fish oil every day and swear by it. Others may be unaware of this supplement and what it can do for the body, so let's discuss and learn more. What is Fish Oil? Simply put, fish oil is comprised of fatty ...Continue Reading