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Reboot Challenge Phase 2 [Free Download]

Lauren Rae’s 12-week Reboot Challenge Phase #2 [Free Download]

Have you completed Phase 1 of Vitamin World and Lauren Rae's Reboot Challenge? Are you ready for more?Phase 2 of the Reboot Challenge is about maintaining your new habits so they become a lifestyle. This 6-week long workout and nutrition plan will push you to your limits and leave you feeling ...Continue Reading
DOMS workout

So, You Got a Bad Case of DOMS

If you’re like most people who put time and energy into a challenging workout, you probably have a love-hate relationship with DOMS. Even if you don’t think you know what DOMS means, if you’ve ever logged an intense sweat session, you almost certainly do.DOMS stands for Delayed Onset ...Continue Reading
not gaining muscle

10 Reasons You’re Not Gaining & Building Muscle Mass

You’ve been going to the gym, putting in the time, doing your body good, but week after week that feeling of frustration and lack of motivation creep in. Not seeing results can feel very frustrating, and without even knowing it, you might be sabotaging your own workout!Here are 10 reasons why ...Continue Reading