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Get a Workout Partner: Why Accountability Matters in Goal Reaching

You’re ready to look better, feel better and to grow personally so you’ve set a realistic, achievable goal that you are really excited about.

So what happens between now and the day you decide you’ve reached your goal?

A well-thought out plan, determination and massive action.

No matter what your goal, having a partner in crime can help you keep your new goals and healthier lifestyle on track. When you have a workout partner along for the journey accountability becomes your secret weapon against all the things life can throw in the road to reaching your goals. An accountability partner can be a coach, a friend or even a spouse. Your workout buddy needs to be someone that can support and challenge you, as well as accept your strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons accountability matters for goal reaching:

Increased Performance

Connecting with another person allows two minds to work together towards a common goal. Work through road-blocks faster and brain-storm better strategies for executing your goal together and you’re sure to increase your performance.

Measurable Success

When you have another person checking in on you and your progress you can see results in a way you might not have on your own. A good accountability partner can help you define what your goal means to you and encourage you by showing your proof of your progress. Progress measured and recorded grows exponentially!

Increased Responsibility to Each Other

Because most of us aim to please, chances are you’re more likely to get your butt up and going if you have someone counting on you. An accountability partner should be someone who won’t let you slide out of your commitments easily! Because you are both working towards a goal, you have a responsibility to each other to show up and put your best up even when life attempts to distract you from your mission.

Validation of your Progress as a Team

The beauty of creating a team is that you are in this together, so when one of you succeeds – you both succeed!

Every time a milestone is met on your goal reaching timeline, the two of you have a reason to celebrate your progress as a team.

Energy Breeds Energy

When you are up – your partner will be up. Energy breeds energy, meaning, when you bring your all to a session, even if one of your partner falls a little behind, you are there to encourage and uplift them until you’re both back on track. That can go both ways, though! Keeping the energy and conversation positive will ensure an environment that breeds success.

Keeping the energy and conversation positive will ensure an environment that breeds success.

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It’s important to always consult a physician and dietitian before starting any new workout plan or diet.

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