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How to Increase Your Step Count- Journey to 10k-a-day


Like 10, with three more zeros behind it? Nope, no way, not happening, ain’t gonna do it. There’s just no way a human can….

Counting steps is one of the fastest trending fitness crazes in the past few years, but why 10k? Quick history lesson: a fitness study was done in the 1960’s (and confirmed again in the 2000’s) showing that humans who burn at least 2,000 calories per week from exercise have lower risks of cardiovascular disease*. That’s 300 calories a day, which equates to roughly 10,000 steps. Neat.

Now, you’ve got your new step tracker and you’re ready to get moving, but after day one you’re struggling to make it past 6k. 10,000 steps sound like a lot when you’re devoting the rest of your day to priorities elsewhere, so how can you get every bit of the last few thousand steps in? Between home, work, errands, and home again, there are plenty of hidden steps for you to take advantage of.

More Steps at Work

Take a lap: Finding your boss or coworker coming over to have a conversation? Take a lap! Mobile meetings are a great way to add in those extra steps while still being productive. The increased blood flow from moving also increases energy and oxygen in the body, helping your brain perform better. Both make for more steps and a more productive meeting.

Park in the back: Parking in the back of the parking lot may increase the distance between you and the door, but each row of cars adds roughly 10-15 steps to your walk into work. Multiply that by 2 for when you leave, and possibly by 4 if you leave for lunch as well!

Take the stairs: Does your work have multiple levels? Taking the stairs is a simple and effective way to add steps while moving through the workplace. The average flight of stairs has 12 steps, meaning 24 between floors. Simply going up 2 floors quickly adds almost 50 steps on your way to the 10k mark.

Drink More Water: Drinking more water is just plain good for you, but it can also help you increase step count. How, you ask? Well, the more water you drink, the more trips to the restroom you’ll end up making in a day. Every step counts.

More Steps at Home And Beyond


Rock the block: Your home could be sitting right next to a goldmine of steps! The average city block is about 200 steps. Simply taking that weekly phone call from mom outside and up and down the block adds hundreds of steps to your daily count.

Walk the perimeter of the grocery store: Yes, you may need to venture down an aisle or two, but walking the perimeter of the grocery store helps your waistline in more ways than one. Beyond the added steps you’ll get, the healthiest foods in modern grocery stores are usually on the perimeter. Fresh meats, fruits, and veggies are all normally located toward the outside, while processed and packaged foods stay in the aisles.

Skip the drive-thru and walk in: The drive-thru may be convenient, but parking away from the door and walking in is a quick way to add 50+ steps to your daily count. Also, during peak meal times walking in can be faster than sitting in that long drive-thru line.

Adding extra steps to your daily routine can be productive, quick, and always healthy. Make sure to check out the Vitamin World page to learn about all the amazing products that can help you make better decisions each day for your body, inside and out.

It’s important to always consult a physician and dietitian before starting any new workout plan or diet.

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