• Reboot Challenge [Free download!]

Lauren Rae’s 12-week Reboot Challenge [Free Download]

Stop feeling like you ‘over did it’ after the holidays and jump head first into the new year as a healthy new you. Lauren Rae’s #RebootChallenge is a 12 week, 2 phase workout and nutrition plan to restart, renew and reboot your life for 2017. Follow along as she takes you through Phase 1 to detox, cleanse, and rev up your metabolism.

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Comment below and share your progress on Instagram and Facebook with @LaurenRaeLife and @Vitamin__world for the chance to win the recommended supplement stack for Phase 2 to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle…beginning February 14th.

Supplemental Videos For The Challenge
To help guide your Reboot Challenge, here are additional videos demonstrating each exercise and its correct technique. Also included– a dynamic warmup!

Click here to see all the Supplemental Videos for this Challenge!

This free New Year workout and nutrition plan is great for all levels, whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are trying to take it to the next level. You can print this PDF and fill in your achievements or simply save it to your phone for easy access at the gym. Worried you won’t stick with it? Learn how to set healthy habits and set reminders on your smartphone or computer. It’s not easy, but it’s well worth it.

For supplements, protein powder, and vitamins to boost your energy levels, make sure to visit Vitamin World! We offer high-quality health products at low prices so everyone can be their best in 2017.

Not sure what vitamin, supplements or sports nutrition you need to support your #rebootchallenge? Head into any Vitamin World location and talk to our experts! We are standing by to support and build a personalized program just for you!

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