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Making Healthy Snacks Choices While On-the-Go

As you get back into your routine and you are running around, it’s not always easy to make the healthiest food choices. To stay fit and healthy (and not ruin the summer’s hard work or any diet/health goals), it’s important to have something on hand for when you get hungry.  The key is, you don’t want to be hungry and not have something healthy to eat which will leave you scrambling and can lead to un-healthy food options and decisions.

To help, we’ve rounded up some options to keep you on track:

The Complete Cookie – Vegan and rich in protein

NutsCashews, almonds, peanuts (just get them with light or no added sodium)

Quest Protein Bars—Many protein bars are chock-full of sugar but not these!

Fruits—Natural sugar is ALWAYS better than processed sugars

Popcorn with light salt and no butter

Dry Roasted Edamame

Carrots & celery sticks with hummus (any vegetable for that matter)

Apples and all-natural Nut Butter

Yogurt with fresh fruit

Enjoy the eating!

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