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10 Morning Habits to Transform Your Day

You open your eyes and what is the first thing on your mind? Is it positive or negative? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Does it support your goals or not?

How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it. Instead of waking up in a panic or with stress, create a plan to start each morning for a happy, healthy, successful day. Implement these ten helpful morning habits and they will transform not only your morning but your entire life.


After you’ve spent several hours sleeping your body is likely dehydrated. Drink a glass of room temperature water with fresh lemon juice in it. This helps your body wake up while hydrating cells. It also keeps your skin looking healthy.

Take Your Vitamins

How many times have you ended your day and realized you missed a vitamin? Taking your supplements as soon as you wake up ensures you won’t forget later in the day! Plus it’ll give your body extra nutrients to help with your energy output during the day.

Stretch & Breathe

Doing a few basic yoga poses or simply reaching your arms up overhead and stretch from head to toe will awaken the body! Breathe deeply into every portion of the lung making your inhales longer than your exhales to energize your system. You can even stay in bed for this one!

Quiet Time

Spending 5-15 minutes meditating each morning can increase your focus, reduce stress, and prevent common health ailments. There is no right or wrong way, simply sit, breathe and allow your thoughts to come and go.

Say ‘Hello’ to Yourself

What do you think when you look at yourself? What do other people think when they look at you? Don’t you wish people were more friendly? Start with yourself! Look into the mirror, smile and say something nice to yourself. A simple ‘Hello’ will make you smile and set you up for a confident morning.

Tell Someone Why You Love Them

Don’t you love waking up to a nice text from a loved one? Is there someone you haven’t talked to in awhile? Tell someone why they are special with a text or a sticky note. You’ll feel happier just to put a smile on their face!

Read Something Positive

Open your favorite quote, read a chapter in a self-improvement book or a blog post from someone you admire. You’ll be placing your focus on the path of positivity… and you might just learn something new!

Re-read Your Goals

You better have a clear picture of where you want to go. Write down 3-5 specific SMART goals and pull them out each morning to read them. Keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind will help focus your thoughts and actions for success.

Pack a Gym Bag

Preparation is the key to success! Pack a gym bag and take a ‘No Excuses’ mindset with you as you leave for the day. When you get a break, you’ll be ready to jump into the gym for a good sweat.

Get Fresh

Seriously… open the blinds for some fresh morning light, get fresh with your sweetie, breathe in fresh air, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Put good in and you’ll get good out! The success of your day starts with everything fresh, positive and kind.

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