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DIY Sore Muscle Massage Oil

DIY Sore Muscle Massage Oil

Sore and tired? Light skin stimulation combined with this invigorating aromatherapy blend will have you back in the gym in no time. Continue Reading
How Skin Absorbs Moisture

How Skin Absorbs Moisture (and how to stepup your skincare routine)

Earlier this winter I experienced skin rashes and overly dry skin that led to unbearable itchiness. So, I visited with my dermatologist. We discussed the best ways to moisturize my skin and what products are the most effective at relieving dry winter skin. She said it doesn't matter what product ...Continue Reading
How to Set (and keep) Healthy Habits in 2017

How to Set (and Keep) Healthy Habits in 2017

After a joyous holiday season, I welcome the fresh start of a new year. Like me, you've likely set some health goals and hope to add a few good habits to your routine in 2017.I'm vowing to make fresh juice at least once a week and practice a minimum of 15 minutes of self-guided yoga each ...Continue Reading
fish oil

Why Take Fish Oil?

We'd like to highlight a specific type of vitamin today: fish oil.  Some of you may take fish oil every day and swear by it. Others may be unaware of this supplement and what it can do for the body, so let's discuss and learn more. What is Fish Oil? Simply put, fish oil is comprised of fatty ...Continue Reading