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fit after fifty

Fit After Fifty: Exercises & Workouts we Love

In an ideal world, exercise and fitness are a priority throughout our lives, and something that has become habit. As we get older, fitness takes on even greater importance, as making the aging process as smooth and pain/injury-free as possible becomes top priority.According to the CDC, falls ...Continue Reading

Best Lifts That Double As Cardio

You might already know that weight lifting plays a key role in weight loss. While many people (especially women) tend to narrow in on cardio, the fact of the matter is that you won’t burn enough calories through cardio alone to make a huge impact on weight loss (unless you’re doing hours per ...Continue Reading
chocolate chips late night snack

Snacking Before Bed isn’t a Deal Breaker, if you Know What to Grab

We’ve all done it; it's bedtime, you know you should just lie down and wait for breakfast to come…but you can’t. The late snack cravings are hitting too hard and you need something to put your mind (and stomach) at ease, without ruining your entire day. It’s common to worry about food ...Continue Reading
Heidi's Fitness Journey

Heidi’s Fitness Journey

So how did I get here?  My health and wellness journey really started a little over three years ago. Good intentions and lots of talk about doing something about the unhealthy me started seven years ago.  Yep, that’s correct, four years of making lots of excuses of why I couldn’t…any excuse ...Continue Reading