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winter smoothies

Winter-Inspired Smoothie Recipe Roundup

Who says smoothies are just a summertime treat? A nutrient dense smoothie is great all year round, and might just be the pick-me-up you need to boost those long, winter days. The trick to preparing the perfect smoothie any time of year is choosing seasonal and local produce, whenever possible. This ...Continue Reading
Joint Health & Warming up

Joint Health: Foods, Beverages, & Supplements

Unfortunately, joint pain is incredibly common, affecting 30% of US adults, according to the CDC. It can manifest as stiffness, pain, swelling and can greatly range in intensity. Knee pain is the most common joint pain experienced, but other common areas include pain in the shoulders, fingers, and ...Continue Reading
working out while sick

You’re Sick. To Exercise or to Not Exercise?

Feeling drained and under the weather? Do you have the sniffles or a nasty cold? Wondering if you should just skip the day at the gym? Before making that move to stay home in bed, consider that the benefits of light, easy exercise may make you feel better.Here’s my guide to exercising while ...Continue Reading
DOMS workout

So, You Got a Bad Case of DOMS

If you’re like most people who put time and energy into a challenging workout, you probably have a love-hate relationship with DOMS. Even if you don’t think you know what DOMS means, if you’ve ever logged an intense sweat session, you almost certainly do.DOMS stands for Delayed Onset ...Continue Reading