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Protein Rich Foods for Building a Better Human Body

Society is waking up to the fact that a protein-rich diet can help you look and feel better.

That being said, not all protein is created equally! Where it comes from, what it was fed and how we combine that protein with other macronutrients in a balanced diet can break down or build up our complex human body.

The food we consume provides an array of essential amino acids while our body creates the other non essential amino acids for us naturally. In combining all of nature’s aminos correctly we get a complete protein profile. All 20 amino acids create protein and are therefore commonly known as the “building blocks of life,” so If you want a healthy, strong human body you should be taking the most important proteins very seriously: Eggs, Plant-based Protein Powder and Lean Beef.



The amino acid structure in eggs has a very high biological value. Meaning, egg protein specifically supports your body’s needs more so than most other proteins like chicken and beef.

To achieve all of the muscle building benefits that protein offers, you need less calorie for calorie from egg proteins. Furthermore, when your body needs protein the most (first thing when waking from a fast and after a workout) eggs are the best option.

Don’t be afraid of the yolk, it contains B12, B6, D, E, iron, Phosphorus and Zinc, all of which will help your breakdown fat, rebuild muscle and maintain healthy mineral levels.

Plant-Based Protein Shakes

plant shake

Protein shakes are a dime a dozen stocked on a shelf in almost any food store. What type of protein you supplement your diet with, however, could either be helping you build a better body, or keeping you from it.

Plant-based proteins like SunWarrior are growing in popularity as users search for quality, non-synthetic ingredients, and a healthier digestive tract. What plant-based protein shakes offer is the absorbability of an appropriate amino acid structure to help you recover from a workout and sustain between meals without gas, bloating.

Most cheap proteins are simply passed through the body as they cannot easily be digested or absorbed.

Grass-fed Beef


Lean beef is a great option for mealtime protein and is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes. You can consume a smaller amount of beef (fewer calories) while the protein amount stays high because of its strong amino acid structure.

However, making sure you’re getting well-sourced beef is important to its quality. When you shop, look for grass-fed organic beef. Grass Fed beef offers a much richer in vitamins, minerals and Omega fatty acids. Grass fed beef also tends to be less fatty which can help you with your weight management goals.

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