• Remember to Take your Vitamins- here's how

Do You Remember to Take Your Vitamins? Here’s What We Suggest

We’ve all had the experience of spending a small fortune on top quality supplements only to have them collect dust on our bathroom counter. Why should something as easy as remembering to take our vitamins be so very difficult for most of us?

If you have new vitamins to take, you might forget simply because it’s a new part of your daily routine. If they’re vitamins you’ve been taking for awhile there’s probably a better chance you remember; however, you can also go on autopilot here and be unsure if you’ve even taken them! One of these scenarios sound familiar?

Vitamins and supplements should not only be high quality and filling in the gaps of your nutrition plan, but they should also be simple and effective. Taking 12 different pills daily is not exactly simple, and the more complicated the supplement regimen, the less likely you are to stick to it (kind of like a diet).

With that being said, let’s examine some strategies to remember to take your vitamins:

Use a Pill Box

This one might feel odd at first, but it truly is so useful if you’re taking multiple supplements every day. Simply place all vitamins for the week on a Sunday (or whichever day you choose), and this way you’ll know if you took them or not, without having to think too much about it.

The only downside to this one is that obviously liquids or powders don’t fit into a box.

Combine With a Daily Task

Associating the taking of your vitamins with another daily task that you always remember to do can be one of the best strategies, especially after it becomes habit (and research shows it takes about 3 weeks to successfully form a habit).

The habit will depend on what works for you but could be brushing your teeth or making coffee, for example. The point is you choose a task you always remember to do.

Write Yourself Notes

Whether it’s a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, a computer screen or in your phone, writing yourself notes and leaving them where you’re sure to see them can work well. Along these same lines, you can set an alarm if that appeals to you more than notes.

Create a Morning/Evening Ritual

Create a morning and/or evening ritual around taking your vitamins. Combine it with self-care practices like drinking herbal tea, taking a bath or simply taking 10 or 15 minutes of “me” time. Include taking your vitamins in this ritual.

Keep Them Visible

Out of sight, out of mind! If your vitamins are tucked in a cupboard or anywhere else you aren’t seeing them, you are very likely to forget to take them, especially in the beginning.

Condense Your Vitamins

Look for high-quality vitamin products that combine several products in one, so that you don’t have to take 5 different supplements each day.

ORB VitaminsVitamin World recently started selling ORB products, and we’ve received fantastic feedback so for. This brand uses the best ingredients while combining science and technology to bring you 2 in 1, time-released formulas that take some of the guess work out of taking your vitamins.

Try ORB hair, skin, and nails + collagen combination that provides your body with biotin, medium chain triglycerides, amino acids and collagen, all in one product. Or get your multivitamin and fish oil in one with ORB multivitamin + fish oil. This can make a world of difference for your health.

By finding the strategy that works best for you and by purchasing supplements that meet various nutritional needs in one product (or fewer products), you can be sure that your money is well spent on vitamins you will actually remember to take.


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