• How Skin Absorbs Moisture

How Skin Absorbs Moisture (and how to stepup your skincare routine)

Earlier this winter I experienced skin rashes and overly dry skin that led to unbearable itchiness. So, I visited with my dermatologist. We discussed the best ways to moisturize my skin and what products are the most effective at relieving dry winter skin.

She said it doesn’t matter what product you apply if you aren’t using it properly.

Moisture Application Tips

She said it doesn’t matter what product you apply if you aren’t using it properly. So, the number one thing to keep in mind is application! When your skin is moist, the cells are more apt to absorb the moisturizer.

  1. Shower or bathe in warm, not hot, water.
  2. Pat your skin gently with a soft towel, leaving some moisture behind.
  3. Massage the moisturizer into your damp skin.
  4. Allow your skin to air dry, then get dressed.

Remember to moisturize from head to toe after every bath or shower, even at the gym or when rinsing off after a swim at the pool, if you really want to up your skincare routine. Most of us simply don’t moisturize often enough because we are in a hurry.

How Skin Absorbs Moisture

OK, so how exactly does the skin drink in that essential moisture?

You have multiple layers of skin, with three distinct regions. The outer skin that you can see is the epidermis. Below that you’ll find the dermis and finally the hypodermis.

When you apply products to your skin, they can either penetrate one or more of these regions or absorb through the skin and find their way into your bloodstream. It just depends what type of product you use.

If you’re using products enhanced with antioxidants, vitamin C or retinol, you want them to penetrate and stay in the skin for maximum skin care effectiveness.

Picking Healthy Products

There are so many products on the market to nourish the skin. My dermatologist told me to look for skin creams (they are thicker and have more staying power than lotions) that contain ceramides, vitamin E, and retinol.

If you tend to get a rash after applying skin care products, look for formulas made without artificial fragrances or dyes. These can irritate skin.

Are you ready to step up your skincare routine? Vitamin World has a wide selection of natural and organic skin care products to moisturize the skin and keep itchy patches to a minimum this winter.

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