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Best Interval Circuit Training Apps for iOS and iPhone

Trying to get that beach bod back before summer? Maybe you’re the avid fitness freak looking to take your workouts to the next level? Interval training helps burn mucho calories, minus the gym time.

Interval training routines combine rotating from one workout to another, with mixed rest and effort intervals. Circuit, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and Tabata training are all examples of great interval workouts. Each come with their own intense, focused, fat-shredding routines, but they all come with the same issue: keeping track of time intervals.

Ditch your watch and burn away calories with these sleek, simple, and super effective mobile timers as we go through the good, better, and best interval training apps for iOS.


  • Good: Interval Timer – (Free)

Very user-friendly, Interval Timer is a 4.5 star interval app that allows for easy customization, and even comes with an interval workout already created to provide an example. (Fair warning it’s a killer workout)

With a large display, sound cues at the end of each period, and an easy sync to iTunes playlists this app takes away all the stress of watching the clock and lets you focus on you..so get to it.

iTunes link.




  • Better: Intervals+ – FREE

Let’s make this simple: open app, choose workout, go.

Intervals+ comes with 9 different workouts including Tabata, HIIT, Stretches, and even a 7 Minute Workout. (Who doesn’t have time for that?)

The app allows you to add your own workouts, or even use the pre-loaded workouts as templates and change them into your own. Just like other fitness apps, you can sync music to keep your workouts thumping, but Intervals+ also allows you to share your workouts with friends! #FitFam.

Itunes Link



    • Best: Seconds Pro – $4.99- 4.5 stars

Fancy yourself an uber athlete? This app, popular with fitness staff and personal trainers, allows you to take workouts to an entirely new level. Want to make custom interval workouts? Done. Want to name those workouts and save them for later? Easy. Want to include multiple different moves/lifts, all with different interval times, and sync specific music to each activity. Covered.

The Seconds Pro app has anything and everything you need to smash your quick interval workout, whether Circuit Training, HIIT, or a Tabata-based cycles. This app is even advanced enough for on-the-go workouts such as biking and running. Once you’ve created an awesome set you can even sync music from your phone to play during the workout. (Think ‘Eye of the Tiger’ right when you’re starting that last set of squats!)

Not into paying for apps? No shame, we feel you. Fortunately the brilliant creators of the Seconds Pro app also have released Seconds Free. Heads up, some of the awesome custom features from Seconds Pro are not included, but overall you’ll still be able to create interval workouts with ease.

Try these three iOS apps and tell us about your best workouts! Also, make sure to drop by our fitness page so that you’re prepped for workouts and workout recovery.

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