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Why You Should Buck Up and Try Mountain Biking

Tired of workout videos, sweaty gyms, stuffy group exercise rooms, and your day-to-day fitness routine? Want to get back outside to the greatest gym that Mother Nature built? Well, then it might be time for you to seriously consider mountain biking.

Mountain biking not only lets you take your fitness to the great outdoors, it also lets you experience a workout that can provide a multitude of fun and exciting adventures. Taking your biking time off the beaten path allows you to accomplish many things, physically, mentally, and socially. 

Taking your biking time off the beaten path allows you to accomplish many things, physically, mentally, and socially.

Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons you should try this extreme sport. 

Get that butt in shape

More intensive than road biking, but with less impact than running, mountain biking builds strength, tones your leg and core muscles, increases stamina and flexibility, and reduces stress. That, in and of itself, is enough to get in the saddle.

Explore the great outdoors

Mountain biking is truly a sport that gets you away from the urban jungle of streets, highways, buildings, and people. Find yourself and the athlete inside on trails through some of the most beautiful parts of your local community.

Meet like-minded adventurers

mountain biking

Mountain biking is flush with a community of supportive, adrenaline-seeking folks. You’ll meet lots of people out on the trails and traveling to different areas. Bikers are some of the best people to become friends with and love to support each other in the cycling community.

Go bike, make friends. It’s really that simple.

Not everyone is the same, and that’s OK!

You have bike options depending on your personality. Cross-country, all-mountain, freeride, Enduro, downhill (DH), lift-service (many ski resorts open their lifts to mountain bikers in the summer) Ask your local bike shop about all the options they can help you with. They can also connect you with your local cycling group and clubs.

Boost your self-confidence

Becoming an accomplished mountain biker will give you an intense lift in your self-confidence. Conquering a steep climb and a long, technical downhill gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment. From the first trail you conquer, you will be a stronger person, and that mental strength is invaluable.

You don’t have to be extreme to have fun

Mountain biking is for everyone. And I really mean everyone. There are many beginner trails and places where people of all abilities can get out and have a great time. It’s about challenging yourself; getting outside, exploring your community, and having fun doing it.

So why should you buck up and try mountain biking? Well, because your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

Quick tip for getting started: The cycling community is large and very supportive. Make sure to do a quick internet search for local trails, group rides, and bike shops. You can also find cycling groups through social media such as Facebook. These are helpful tools to get you connected and into the great outdoors even quicker. Ride hard and stay safe!

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